The Inspire Collective – A virtual and in-person coaching membership for women of faith. This is perfect for women looking to supplement or maintain their counseling and healing goals. Click this link for more info or to set up a “Good Fit” call with Melissa.

Melissa Bezotte, MA PMA


Overcoming Toxic Thoughts Group


  • Learn the science behind toxic thinking and what it does to our minds, relationships, emotions and our bodies.
  • Identify toxic thoughts.
  • Learn how to change toxic thoughts through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools.
  • Work toward rewiring toxic thoughts and creating new behaviors and outcomes.

Led by Melissa Bezotte, MA PMA

Email Melissa Bezotte to register

Body Image Therapy Group for Women

$60 per week/8 week group session ($480 total)

Purpose of this group:

  • Challenge and change the negative thoughts we have about our bodies into positive and healthy thoughts
  • Work towards treating our bodies with love and compassion.
  • Appreciate and find gratitude in what our body can do for us and for others
  • Discover our identity in other things besides our appearance, including our passions, talents and dreams.

Led by Therapist Kelli Bachara, MA, LPC

For information, please email Kelli at:

Self-Forgiveness Therapy Groups for Women

6 week group/$40 per session

Time: 6:00- 7:30 PM

Purpose of this Group:

  • Minimizing guilt and shame and their negative impact on our well-being
  • Eliminating harsh judgment of ourseles by practicing understanding
  • Learning how to make amends (and exploring the various types of amends)
  • Challenging faulty beliefs about our past
  • Reconnecting with God’s story for our lives
  • Promoting healing and self-acceptance by practicing grace
  • Letting go of a past we cannot change and creating a healthier future

Led by therapist Rich Hall, MA

For information, please contact Rich at