Body Image Therapy Group for Women

Date: 8 week group starting this Summer

Time: 6:30-8:00 PM

$40 per group session ($320 total)

Purpose of this group:

  • Challenge and change the negative thoughts we have about our bodies into positive and healthy thoughts
  • Work towards treating our bodies with love and compassion.
  • Appreciate and find gratitude in what our body can do for us and for others
  • Discover our identity in other things besides our appearance, including our passions, talents and dreams.

Led by Therapist Kelli Bachara, MA, LPC

For information, please email Kelli at:


Self-Forgiveness Therapy Groups for Women

Date: 6 week group starting this Spring

Time: 6:00- 7:30 PM

$40 per group session ($240 total)

Purpose of this Group:

  • Minimizing guilt and shame and their negative impact on our well-being
  • Eliminating harsh judgment of ourseles by practicing understanding
  • Learning how to make amends (and exploring the various types of amends)
  • Challenging faulty beliefs about our past
  • Reconnecting with God’s story for our lives
  • Promoting healing and self-acceptance by practicing grace
  • Letting go of a past we cannot change and creating a healthier future

Led by therapist Rich Hall, MA

For information, please contact Rich at