Pastor Melissa Bezotte, MA PMA
Melissa is a Licensed Natural Heath Practitioner- Specializing in Christian Counseling and Christian Life Coaching. 
Melissa specializes is helping individuals and couples find freedom from physical, emotional, relational and spiritual trauma as well as those struggling with anxiety, depression, marital issues, body image issues, divorce and life change.  Melissa also specializes in Christian Life Coaching and Executive Life Coaching through a Christian Lens. 
Melissa incorporates her Christian faith and biblical principles and believes that all healing comes from God and through the work of the Holy Spirit. Melissa is also a speaker, founder of a non-profit healing ministry and is on the preaching team at Community of Hope Church in Rosemount. Melissa also hosts weekend Christian Wellness Retreats with her team of therapists and Certified Prayer Counselors. 
Kelli Bachara, MA, LPCC
Kelli is a licensed professional clinical counselor and obtained a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology  from the University of St. Thomas. Kelli has experience working with adolescents and adults of all ages. Specifically, Kelli feels called to work with teens and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image issues and spiritual issues.
Kelli uses a variety of counseling techniques including CBT and EMDR. Kelli’s hope is that Jesus uses her as a tool to reach those who are struggling and bring restoration into their lives. Kelli understands that no matter where someone is in life, they are never out of God’s reach and He can heal and transform anyone who surrenders their heart to Him.
Rich Hall, MA
Rich has 22 years experience as a primary counselor in a drug abuse treatment program located in a federal prison. He conducted individual and group therapy for men and women in a culturally diverse environment. In addition to helping others with issues related to substance abuse, Rich feels called to help individuals learn to forgive themselves and others. Rich earned a Masters degree in Human Services Counseling (focus on addiction and recovery) from Liberty University and is also a Certified Elijah House Prayer Counselor. As one who experienced extreme brokenness and God-given restoration in his life, Rich strongly believes anyone, regardless of past or current circumstances, can be healed and made new through the grace of Jesus Christ.