Transformation, inspiration, and hope is what Melissa has given to my daughter who was once lost but now is found! She combines her professional decorum as a counselor with biblical principles that addresses root causes and spiritual sicknesses that plaque people today. Melissa is truly an instrument used by God and powered by the Holy Spirit to transform lives, and give hope to the hopeless. My daughters life has changed, she reads the bible and walks with confidence in this new journey with Melissa by her side, mentoring her along the way. Quite simply… our daughter is back – Thank you Melissa –

Living Water helped me overcome  my 6 year battle with bullemia.  Through this process I have become closer to God, I now read the Bible and pray regularly and have been taught how to rely on God for strength.  I know that life will bring future struggles but I know that I will never have to go through them alone because I have God in my life.

Kelli is very thoughtful in her approach to counseling. In our sessions, she always asked relevant questions. These questions helped me see God for who He is & the love He has for me. She helped put me on the map of Relevance. She helped me see that I matter to God, that God can use me and God does love me. Kelli is not judgemental & I was able to tell her my darkest secrets. Kelli is the real deal. She is an amazing vehicle of God’s love & healing -Kristie

Melissa helped reintroduce me to God subtly in a non-forceful way.  She opened my eyes to the blessings around me and taught me how to proceed in ilfe with the Lord by my side. Through counseling sessions I became free from past hurts, depression and poor self-image. I now look in the mirror and see myself as God sees me ~ His Precious Daughter! –
Tricia – Age 18