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The Stories of Success

Melissa is an amazing annointed Christian counselor that I trust and highly admire!
She puts God at the center not only with her work but also her family. She speaks truth and is not afraid to be transparent with others.
Her staff and other counselors at LWCC are also wonderful!
Theresa Pool Anderson

Theresa Pool Anderson

Blessed by Melissa immensely. Grateful for her annointed love and support.

Debra Langdon

Debra Langdon

Melissa did in 4 sessions what a myriad of other therapists couldn’t achieve over the course of 10 years. Through God’s guidance, she relayed that I was holding onto unforgiveness. I could not move forward until I dealt with that. What happened next was truly amazing as layers of self-protection broke free from around my heart. I found the capacity to forgive others not just from my head but from my heart as well. I also found that I could truly love, not just my close family and friends but strangers as well. Everyone. I felt complete God given joy and I still do.
The Holy Spirit flows through Melissa and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs clarity, who is feeling broken, anxious, or trod upon. She is warm, empathetic, and highly skilled as a counselor.
Tammy Moen

Tammy Moen

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