Our Services

Living Water Christian Counseling L.L.C. was founded  in March of 2012 by Pastor Melissa Bezotte. Our team of therapists are committed to meet each individual, couple and family where they are in life, to build relationship and to walk alongside of them as they work through life’s challenges. We offer therapy for adults, adolescents, couples and families.

Individual Counseling

It’s easy to become anxious, depressed and lonely because of past hurts and wounds. Our past experiences often influence how we view ourselves, others and God- and many times, our view is not accurate. At LWCC we want to help people challenge and replace their negative thoughts and self-talk with the truth. Our goal is to help our clients break free from their pasts and live a life of wholeness and freedom.

Couples Counseling

There is a reason why people say “relationships are a lot of work”. If time and effort are not put into nurturing your relationship, it inevitably will feel as though it is crashing down. At LWCC, we desire to help couples come together and learn how to communicate respectfully, efficiently and feel safe doing so. We are equipped to work with dating, engaged and married couples and also do pre-marital counseling through the PREPARE/ENRICH program.

Family Counseling

Each family has it’s own dynamic, including it’s strengths and challenges. Families are not static- they are constantly changing which can create confusion and conflict in each family member’s role, identity and emotional needs. Unhealthy patterns and behaviors can emerge and can be very difficult to break. At LWCC we want to walk alongside your family into healthy and safe relationships.


The rate per session at LWCC is between $120 and $150 depending on the therapist’s experience, license and level of education and training.  Living Water Therapists will go over individual fee structures during your intake session.

We do not accept insurance but will provide you an invoice you can submit to your HSA or other flex spending account for tax free reimbursement.

Payment can be made via card, cash or check (made out to LWCC) that the time of services. If you have any questions regarding rates please contact Melissa at mbezotte@gmail.com